The 4th Annual Christmas Potluck and Toys For Tots Event

December 20th at 12:00 PM at the Bishop Office,

Please RSVP for this event!!!    


621 West Line St. #109,  Bishop CA, 93514

Tribal Council Meeting

Saturday, December 20th

Bishop Office 9:00am


Toy for Tots to follow at 12:00pm

621 West Line #109, Bishop, CA, 93514

Please RSVP for this Event by calling 760-872-3614


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Upcoming Public Events

December 20th at 12:00pm

4th Annual Christmas Party Potluck 

and Toys for Tots

at the Bishop Tribal Office

621 W. Line St. #109

Please RSVP for this event


A-L Please bring a dessert

M-Z Please bring a salad or side dish

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